Secret Temptation

Body deodorants and perfumes for women

Secret Temptation

Secret Temptation spells out confidence. Be it a fancy event, a job interview or even your first day at college, Secret Temptation gives you the edge and poise you need to make it a success. It gives you the zeal you need to get you through even the du


Perfume Body Spray

Take charge of your day with the confidence of Secret Temptation Perfumed Body Sprays. Show off your glamorous side, your confident style or even your passionate side with a spritz or two. Step forward with confidence, style and glamour.

FULL SELECTION : Affair, Blast, Candy, Crush, Curve, Flirt, Mystery, Neon, Passion, Play, Romance, Wink


Eau De Parfum

Secret Temptation presents a collection of fine fragrances for women that tell a unique story. Whether you are a delicate floral gal, or a fruity free-spirited kind, let the mild-to-intense concentration help you to define the person you truly are.

FULL SELECTION : Party, Floral Woody, Citrus Woody, Citrus Fruity, Floral Fruity, Floral Aqueous, Oriental Floral, Floral Fresh


Deo Talc

Enhance your sensual experience with Deo Talcs from Secret Temptation. The rose extracts give a soft, smooth and refreshed bathing experience. Made from supreme quality microbe free natural talc, it keeps you feeling fresh and subtly fragranced all-day-long.

FULL SELECTION : Romance, Mystery


Facial Wipes

Freshen Up with Facial wipes from Secret Temptation. Whether you’re back from the Gym or removing make-up after a late night party, these facial wipes offer a gentle yet thorough cleansing. So freshen up and seize the day while you’re on the go.

FULL SELECTION : Aloe Vera, Orange, Rose, Lemon, Apple