A Compatible Team equals A Winning Team

A Compatible Team equals A Winning Team

In my short career till now, I have been a part of few teams, either first hand or have seen them in action with other teams. And this is my realization:

Be a part of a team, which likes you!

I would say love you, but ‘like’ should just do the trick! A team which feels with, and for you. A team which recognizes you merits and what you bring to the table. Team mates who form the perfect atmosphere for learning, fun and growth; overall making the corporate world a better place and drive results.

You might say, ‘What’s the big deal?’

Well. My Indian Friend, it’s very important, as you spend the longest hours working – 52 Hours/Week, compared to the 41 hours/week pulled off by your UK and Australian counterparts. Accounting for a day off, and an equal time-split, you average 8.5 hours, every day, with your team. And if that team, is not appreciative of you and your capabilities, or indulgences in petty politics at every turn; or simply does not like you? You need to ask this question to yourself – WHY ARE YOU STILL THERE?

We are not our parent’s generation, most of us not bound by region, languages and lack of skills. We need not work in a toxic environment. An environment, which slowly gets into you, creeping into your work life, sapping you of your energy and confidence, leaving you tired and frustrated all the while! And slowly it takes a toll on your personal life us well, leaving you in turmoil. Is your 7 figure paycheck worth it?

Starting with your manager:

Much has been said, about a manager’s ability to guide his team out of the shadows to the light of the glory. Similar volumes have been written about managers who are despised by their teams, leading them to live a dual life, like Two Face Harvey and never actually fulfilling their real potential.

It is amazing to work with a manager who likes you. It is not so that, you be his Pet and do everything at a beck and call. You can still be a good employee, without being a slave! A proverbial hand on your back, to support you on your endeavor for learning and making a career of yourself. We are talking about a figure; you can work with, without fear. A person who teaches you to be wary of mistakes and not fear them a person who instills deep rooted values in your early career, by practicing values as much as people preach. A figure that stands by his team, though thick & thin and empowers them to stand up for themselves. If you are working with such a person, be a sponge and absorb everything you can. This person will go a long way in shaping you as a person and as a professional.

The same goes for your team as well. Be a part of a team, who make you feel comfortable. That feeling of being in your elements will bring out the best in your performance; wherein you don’t have to worry about managing egos, but rather work for a singular cause, thus driving results for your organization.

“Let there be disagreements, not petty fights, Let there be camaraderie and not ego massages, Let there be true feelings, not masked faces, and Let us be team, not a fickle faction”

Here at McNROE, I am part of such a team. A group of talented individuals, working collectively, truly defining the term – ‘TEAM’. We know we have a long way to go, but together, no goal is too far away.

If you are a part of such a team, cherish it, enjoy it. It will work out wonders for not only, for the organization as well! And do go out and have fun as well! Why not?


Do let me know your thoughts on this!

Roopkumar Venkatesh

Brand Manager | McNROE

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