Living Through Prism!

Living Through Prism!

“My biggest concern before joining McNROE was that it is a family-run business. Many advised me to find some other opportunity. However, when I spent some time here- I came to know that it’s not just another run-of-the-mill family-run business; instead McNROE runs the business like a “Family”. Here, all highs and lows, appreciation and criticism, from work-luncheons to personal achievements-everything is celebrated collectively.

Being a close knit structure with many systems and processes still in developing phase, learning opportunities are immense and perfect if you want to grow your own capabilities rather than just follow processes. I realised that this is how an ideal launch pad ought to be for a fresher- McNROE gave me ample scope to unleash my curious beast and actually test the theories I learnt in college. I could go and talk to anyone, right from a person taking orders from retail outlets to the Founder Chairman. It was not a crime to ask questions. Every doubt was addressed. Inputs from new joiners were considered and on many occasions implemented as well.

I was fortunate to receive mentorship from people working from decades in the industry. There was always a hand to reach out for support. I was also able to understand the interdepartmental dynamics, its impact on the business much better now. This uplifted my confidence and helped me sharpen my professional approach further; in turn nurturing my entrepreneurial drive and leadership skills. My next aim is to dive deep into interconnected aspects of business and add value by making McNROE a marketing driven organization. After a year I feel McNROE has become my “family” away from family.”

Devank B Pandya

Management Trainee| McNROE

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