My First Salary

My First Salary

McNROE was just another company for me when I joined, but today it has become a part of my family. I still remember the day I received my first salary. The last presentation at the monthly review had finished and as my colleagues and I waited for snacks, my parents suddenly appeared on the LED screen. The hustle of the conference room quickly died when we realised McNROE has collated personalized videos with special messages from each of our families to commemorate our very first pay day! Overwhelmed by this gesture, I felt a sudden rush of emotions as my parentsadvised me on how to live my life from their experience and how I towisely spend my first salary. I also got the opportunity to see families of my colleagues (Management Trainees) and pick snippets on life from their experience as well.

Next I received a human-sized, salary cheque from the hands of the MD himself with the amount written as “Log Toh Notice Karenge”. Well, my digits are exactly like thepopular fragrances my company manufactures, but it did remind me of the day I had bagged this job from McNROE. The pride with which I shared the news with my teachers, friends & family. The company shared my excitement. It made me worth a notice!

The image in my mind of serious, reserved, corporate heads snootily looking down at me had evaporated by now. What I experienced was an atmosphere that recognized the concerns & fears of management trainees like me, who strive very hard to establish a foothold in the professional world. There was warmth of home, and encouragement to help me chase my professional pursuits.McNROE is my home away from home. I feel a sense of belonginghere.

Exactly like the Kheer Kadam, McNROE has been super sweet to my family as well.They sent a letter to my parents thanking them for raising me to handle responsibilities well for the organisation. The note included my professional achievements and a candid photograph of me at the job.A letter of appreciation from an Employer was the first of its kind event for my entire family. It was a moment of pride when my parents excitedly recounted the entire episode over the phone.

This year-long learning experience has been quiet transformational.I have become independent of pre-conceivednotions about corporate world.The 2.0 improved version of myself does realise that the office is not filled with corporate goons who specialise in finding fault. Instead they can mentor and celebrate our little achievements too, just like a family!

Laksh Narang

Asst.Manager- Business Excellence | McNROE

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